PARIS: "Excellent technique, suppleness, color and above all a perfect musicalite". Le Matin
LONDON: "Great beauty, color and imagination". Daily Telegraph
NEW YORK: "Skill, reliable musicianship and commendable interpretive instincts". The New York Times
CHICAGO: "Evangelos and Liza - a rare treat". Chicago Sun
ROTTERDAM: "Virtuosi of the classical guitar". De Rotterdamer
VANCOUVER: "Both musicians and skill technicians who communicate to each other on all levels". The Vancouver Sun
LOS ANGELES: "Evangelos and Liza were interested in nothing but pure music-making. They offered their extremely appriciative audience neither mannerisms nor novelty effects; their complete emphasis was on technique and sensitive interpretation". Los Angeles Times
BOSTON: "They were remarkable in their precision. One could not help but marvel at the ability of the performers to sound like one guitar and simultaneously to maintain the impression of dialogue between two. A total accord and harmony between the guitars". Christian Science Monitor
HOUSTON: "Guitarists of technical excellence and high artistry". Houston Chronicle
ANVERSE:"A marvelous concert. A brilliant evening of color and rythm". Gazet van Antwerpen
CINCINNATI: "You have never heard such magical guitar music, all of it coming out of only two guitars, twelve strings, four hands, two souls. Evangelos and Liza are surely one of the most exciting husband -and- wife virtuoso duos of today's musicdom". Cincinnati Enquirer
WINNIPEG: "In the hands of these two Greek artists, the guitar is an instrument of most sublte nuance. The color of their tone was richly varied, from the strident twang, through the lovely coverd gamut, to the ethereal mystery of the harmonics". Winnipeg Free Press
MANCHESTER: "The evening exceeded our every expectation...They seemed to think and play as one person; every pause, every rallentando was completely together throughout. An evening that will long be remembered." Classical guitar magazine, January 1998
MEXICO: "Performing all the pieces with a remarkable precision, the superb Greek guitar players Evangelos and Liza, who took part in the International Festival of Cervantino, succeeded in conveying the guitar's truly remarkable sounds to us through their magical fingers". El Sol de Mexico, October 2001

The Athens Megaron
International Festival of Cervantino, Guanajuato Mexico, October 2001